Sunday, July 02, 2006

Chop Wood, Carry Water

This is my post on LiveJournal from Friday, now cross-posted here to begin the blog:

Chop wood, carry water is a title for something that escapes me now, a book or poem or something. It is also how friends describe tending to the basics of life, the day to day stuff that causes bad juju if you don't do it. I have decided that right now I NEED to just chop wood, carry water in order to get through this phase of whatever it is that is going on. I have no energy to do anything extra. So, I may attend meetings and such, but I won't volunteer to do anything extra. Lately I've fallen through on what I volunteered to do anyway, so I am accepting reality and just fading back. I need to concentrate on first, getting up to speed with the certifications and such for the job I now have. This will also carry over onto my resume and maybe help me get a job that pays better than this one. I need to concentrate on really getting the old house clean and more stuff moved out of it so it is always ready to show. I have the main parts ok, I just need to really get down to it and make it shine. I need to start working on the new house. It is last on the list cause I need a better paying job and to sell the old house before I have the money or energy to really do much over there.

I was going to take Monday off to work on some of this stuff. Then things fell into it making more sense to work on Monday. I have calls left over, and so it will be fairly easy to do. I also need the money. So, what I need to get done has to be done tomorrow, Sunday, and Tuesday. This includes cleaning the carpets here at the old house. I got the carpet cleaner from Mom. I hate to clean the carpets. That is why I'm excited that the new house has new laminate floors almost everywhere and no carpet except in the bedrooms. Tomorrow will be mowing the yard here, and then taking care of some business with Mom and Dad, then coming home and packing and general cleaning up. Sunday is carpet cleaning and maybe putting up a new mailbox. It's time to replace the beat up old one. They don't even leave mail in the current one anymore, and I think there is an old bird's nest in it. Tuesday will be spiffing and polishing, and probably working on my office and paperwork and such. At least, this is the plan. I need my life back. And this seems to be the only way to get it.


  1. I'm with you on hating carpets. The next place we move into will be ALL hard flooring, so help me.

    I turned off the anonymous comments on my blog because I was getting some twit making absolutely assinine remarks, thought that he/she was so very clever. It was crossing the line into racism, and I don't have any tolerance for that nonsense, so I had to tighten up the laces somewhat. But I'm glad you've got a blogger account now, and I'll be looking forward to reading your posts and cross-posts. Thanks for letting me know about it!

  2. For now I'll leave Anonymous on and see who wanders in.