Four Peaks in snow

Saturday, July 22, 2006

When it rains is pours - again

They gave me a light day at work yesterday, only 4 calls which mostly were my left-over calls from the day before. My back is just an annoyance at this point when I move a certain way, but by the end of the day I was achy and tired. I was home by 3:15 and took an Ibuprofen and laid down to take a nap. My cell phone rang around 4, it was my Mom. I was going to tell her I'd talk to her later and I needed to sleep, but in my half-awake state I heard "hospital" and "you need to come get your Dad". I woke up quick, and had her back up. Seems that she and Dad had appointments with a new doctor yesterday afternoon, and he decided that given some of my Mom's recent symptoms she needed to go into the hospital 'right then' to be checked out. My 87yo Dad isn't supposed to drive, and wouldn't be able to get his electric wheelchair out of the minivan at home anyway. So, I drove over and met them at the doctor's office.

It was finally blowing up the rain that broke the heat wave just as I got there. Mom had the wheelchair loaded into the minivan already. We dropped her off at the hospital, and I headed off driving Dad in the minivan. He hadn't eaten all day, and we were going to go to Cracker Barrel. It was raining hard and all the handicapped spots were taken when we got there, so I went through the drive-thur at Ky Fried and got us supper. Then, at the senior housing where they live it was time for me to figure out unloading the wheelchair. I have watched Mom do it (she doesn't let anyone else do anything if she is there to do it), but the hard rain didn't help. I did manage to get the poncho on Dad so he didn't get wet, the ramp set up and the chair unloaded, but the seat got wet as I drove it around to his side of the van. He headed on in as I pulled the van into the parking space and ran around to their apartment. I was a drowned rat at that point.

We ate and then with Mom on the phone I measured out Dad's medications for the next few days (just in case) into his am and pm pill holders. Drove back to the hospital in the van, went up and saw Mom for a few minutes, then drove my truck home. Not exactly a relaxing evening. I had planned to run over to see them this weekend anyway. Mom is supposed to be out of the hospital today after they finish the tests. She is somewhat miffed about the entire thing, thinking it is a waste. Dad and I are glad someone is finally checking her out since we think 'something' is wrong. So, I'll not plan anything much today that I can't drop if I need to to head over there.

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