Four Peaks in snow

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Motivation, I need to find some. It is 11am, and I haven't vacuumed yet, much less started cleaning the carpet. I put this off till today because part of the carpet cleaner was at the new house rather than here. I think I have all the necessary parts here now. I just need motivation to start.

I am doing well getting the house ready for the open house next Sunday. If I just don't totally stall out it will be good. The heat outside isn't helping, but thankfully I have most of the yard work done. The new mailbox lists badly and is wobbly, but it is up. Now if the local hoodlums just won't steal it before Sunday I'll be ok.

I got another basket of CSA vegetables yesterday. I haven't started on the one from last Monday, and I have some stuff from the week before that. At least I'm starting to get things I recognize now like carrots and potatoes. I need to make some potato leek soup, some chicken curry, and the Indian dish whose recipe I got from I know some of my tiredness is from not eating enough lately. There is no food in the house now, just ingredients.

Ok, off to start slowly. I'll pull the vacuum out and watch my cat, who is currently peacefully sleeping on the couch, head to parts unknown and I won't see him till late tonight, if then.

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