Four Peaks in snow

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Beat Goes On

Yesterday I called one of the cash-for-houses folks. I was not going to give a lot of personal information on the phone, but they didn't ask much, just basics about the property. Not sure how I feel about that. Since one of the first questions was 'is it a mobile, modular, or ...' and I said modular, that may have stopped them. Anyway, they will call me 'by Thursday' to let me know if they are interested. I also got a letter from a realtor who saw that my listing had expired and they want to talk to me about listing with them. Sine they are out of Joelton I may try again with them if the cash place doesn't want to work with me.

The weather has cooled. I was busy all weekend doing things away from here, but I feel a lot better and am getting more done. I also feel better about work. I think that not dealing with driving around, getting in and out of the truck, etc. in the heat is helping.

I have a lot to say about the weekend, but since I kept putting it off I decided a quick note is better than not posting at all. So, maybe tonight I'll write about the weekend.

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