Saturday, September 16, 2006

Change Happens. Maybe.

The job interview was rescheduled to Friday afternoon, right in the middle of my scheduled trip to Montgomery. I felt like I had been hit with a load of bricks. Before I could do much, especially since I was driving to Ft. Campbell on a call at the time, Mom called. She was taking Dad to the emergency room. I called Nancye and said 'my life is kind of falling apart right now, I'll get back to you on the trip...' Well, I decided to run Nancye down to Montgomery after work on Thursday, and get up fairly early and head back for the job interview. Mom called and said that the specialist the emergency room ordered has scheduled tests next week, and released Dad till then. So, Thursday about 4 pm Nancye and I piled into her much nicer car and headed south.

I had mentioned to Catonic in the chatroom earlier in the day that we would be through Birmingham that evening, and he should call me when he was finished working out if he wanted to meet for dinner. The fact that I hadn't eaten all day started being an issue about the time we crossed into Alabama, and we ended up stopping and getting some extremely good bar-b-q long before Birmingham. A bit after we were back on the road Catonic left a message on my phone, which hadn't bothered to ring or record his number, asking where we were. I had given him my number, but hadn't gotten his, so I had no way to call him back. I got hold of Oddball, and he posted to the chatroom to Catonic to call me again, which he did. So, Nancye and I ended up stoping and visiting with Catonic at a Starbucks in Birmingham that wasn't far off the interstate. I enjoy meeting people I formerly only knew on the internet. He and Nancye talked Mac computers. One of the few times that Nancye followed a computer conversation better than I did. I kept having to ask her what Catonic was saying...

We got in to Charlie and Sandy's campsite in Montgomery around 11 pm. Sandy was already in bed as she had to work Friday as the last day on that contract. Charlie already had our beds made out in the living room and kitchen (I slept on the bed made from the breakfast nook of the travel trailer), so we crashed. I didn't sleep well, may have been the Starbucks coffee so late in the evening. I was awake around 6 for the day, and after seeing Sandy off to work with a hug, I got ready and headed back out to Nashville in Nancye's nice car. She will help Charlie and Sandy move their 3 vehicles up to Arkansas. Actually I talked to her earlier today, and they got the trailer situated and headed out around 8 this morning.

The trip up to Nashville was uneventful, thankfully. I got home around 1pm and called Mom to call me a bit before 2 to make sure I was awake. I knew that if I even sat down I'd go to sleep and miss the interview. She called and woke me up on schedule, and I made it to the interview by 3:30. I interviewed well. This job hits all my strong suits. I am pretty sure I did well enough to get called back for the second round of interviews, but I won't know till Monday for sure.

Friends of my parents' from Missouri showed up as I was talking to Mom after the interview, so I said I'd drive on up to see them. Having only eaten a breakfast biscuit around 8:30 am, the turkey and deviled eggs and such that Mom was sitting out for supper looked good. After supper all of us walked around the senior apartment complex and looked at the various flowers that everyone has in the plot of ground between the porches and sidewalk that is theirs to garden. I looked over Mom's computer and reset some things she couldn't figure out, then I said my goodbyes and headed home.

This morning I got up with no plans except to relax. I did start laundry, figured I'd clean up the mess I'd made of the house before the interview later, and took a nap. At 11 my former realtor called me and said that a different realtor wanted to show the house at noon. He had told me Friday that they had called and it might happen, but I didn't really think it would. So, after being woken from a dead sleep, I had an hour to get the house ready. Luckily it was just surface mess from unpacking and such, so I cleaned it all up and headed out by noon.

I went to the rails to trails trailhead and was just going to sit there in the shade but decided to walk. I'm tired but a bit edgy by now. I walked about a mile, reading the information signs that are a new addition since the last time I walked there. I then stopped at Sonic and got one of their small banana splits to celebrate.

I am back home, and I've had a bit more of a nap. I think I'll get cleaned up and go someplace to eat later. I need a good meal. Tomorrow I may go back and visit with my parents and their company, or I may just veg. I haven't decided.

So, I may end up selling the house (haven't heard back from anyone on that yet) and getting a good job, or one or the other, or both may fall through. I'm too tired to care much right now.


  1. I'm crossing all my toes for you. I sure hope you get a break SOON.

  2. madcap: yes, I could use some of the good karma you seem to have found. From what my realtor said today the other realtor won't even call him back, so I'm sure there weren't interested.