Four Peaks in snow

Friday, September 22, 2006


Some things that I come across and think I should blog:

At the entrance to the landfill in this county is a big sign that says "SLOW - BUZZARDS AT PLAY" which I think is hysterical. It gets the point across and makes me smile.

I hang out at on the discussion boards (under a different name). In a thread about 'what degree(s) do you have and would you do it over again?' a long-time poster detailed a list as long as my arm of certifications from his military career and then pretty much every certification that Microsoft and Cisco have. At the end he noted 'One lesson learned: certifications expire, but an academic degree is forever'. This is the most concise reason for going to college vs. just 'getting the certifications' that I've ever read.

I added a new experience in field service recently. I worked on a computer in the surgery of an animal hospital while a dog was being operated on behind me. The client contact stood behind me as a human curtain since I have a weak stomach. This job is definitely interesting.

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