Four Peaks in snow

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


While driving down to town for my job interview, I got a call confirming that I would be there... tomorrow. Hmmm. Not sure where the mix-up was. At any rate, all has been rescheduled and it will work out at least as well as if it had been done correctly the first time. Actually, it was better because I got a lot of things done around here that had been bothering me. I did make the trash run in the rain. The rain looked a lot more threatening from inside than it ended up being when I was actually tossing the trash into the compacter at the landfill. I got the grass that I tracked all over the house after mowing this weekend all vacuumed and swept up. I did the dishes so they are currently caught up. I got the clean sheets put on the bed. All good things

I feel so good about being more caught up that I have enjoyed spending a lot of time just reading random blogs. I bookmarked a few for further reading. There seem to be a couple of main types of blogs. Ok, some are in Spanish. I don't read enough Spanish to manage those. That was the only other language I stumbled across. Some college classes seem to require a blog as an assignment. Those blogs have a much more cut and dried sound to them and I don't tend to bookmark those, maybe because they are written for a teacher to read rather than friends. Another common group seems to be the religious folks. I was reading one blog of a woman who is a teacher up in Amish country in northern Indiana. Since I am from Indiana originally, I enjoy her descriptions. She also spent time in Africa this summer on some kind of graduate class/mission project. I believe she might be Mennonite, which if there has to be missionaries they seem like the most helpful type. I did bookmark her blog. Another one I bookmarked was by a woman who seems to be part of a frugality network. I want to explore that group more extensively.

I brought from my readings a vision from a student of almost empty bookshelves. He characterized the picture as how he sees himself right now, bringing little from his previous life into his current one, waiting to fill the shelves with what he will learn as he goes onward. I'm thinking I need to clear off some (a lot!) of space on my mental/emotional shelves myself. I also brought the sense of excitement that wandering as a lifestyle can have from the lady who was in Africa. Wandering in the sense that I could take time to enjoy the trip, see detours as opportunities for adventure, etc., and not be as concerned about any perceived destination. I may as well view my life as wandering since I don't seem to be making any straight-line progress anywhere right now.

Time to think about supper. A new cooking adventure. sigh.

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