Four Peaks in snow

Monday, September 25, 2006


In the interest of getting into the routine of updating here daily, I'm posting even though not much is happening. I had a basically good day. Few calls, and I had the time and opportunity to go to lunch with oddball. So, I got pizza and enjoyed the company of a nice attractive male. Both Good Things. I remembered to go get my CSA basket, which I forgot to do last Monday. That worked out last week, though, because yesterday I managed to clean out my fridge. Tonight I cooked another of the squash for supper. I am officially tired of squash. It would help if I knew some way to fix it other than bake it then drown it in butter. I am tired of anything fixed the only other way I know to cook, which is saute a thing in olive oil and onions. I have 5 more squash in the fridge to eat. This week. This is one reason the pizza tasted so good.

I picked a new realtor, and her phone is busy. For the past 2 hours it's been busy. I'll try her again in the morning. If it's busy then, I'll go looking for yet another realtor. I checked the listings, and I honestly think my house is priced appropriately. It is older and smaller, but closer in to town than some. It also has more land. Oh well.

And, I didn't hear anything about the second interview for the job yet.

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  1. I'm astonished that your realtor doesn't have a call display or something that would enable her to get back to you. The market here is popping, and still the realtors are hungry for business. I hope you get someone working for you who'll be able to move that house along.