Sunday, October 14, 2007

End of an Era?

The bees are officially gone. Dan came and got them early this morning. I just noticed it. He left me a couple of quarts of his honey. I'm sure that any honey I want will be promptly sent my way if I just let him know. I'm not talking cases of it, I only use about a quart a year or such. And so, my attempt at self-sufficient homesteading is officially over. I'm still using the soap I made a *cough* few years ago. Who knew that 3lbs of shortning and a can of Red Devil lye would make so much? At any rate, I have the knowlege if I decide to get back into any of this. I'm just on to different things now.

The housemate is talking about working on the inside of the house today when he gets off work. I will have the laundry room emptied for him to work on by the time he gets here this afternoon. I had thought first that I'd have him start on the kitchen since I'm getting impatient with not having a full sized fridge. However, I realized that I really, really don't want to have every room in the house in various stages of being remodeled. Right now the laundry room and the master bedroom and the master bath are like this. Better to actually finish a room before starting another. Heck, I may even get motivated to work on the master bedroom while he's doing the laundry room.

Mainly what I want to get accomplished before I start traveling is to not have every flat surface cluttered with STUFF like it is now. There is some room in one of the storage barns now that the bee equipment is gone. I'll move some things down there today. I'm working on clearing the great room where I tend to live. The camping gear is also getting organized. I even put some clothes into the Goodwill pile. Still baby steps, but some minor progress at least.

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