Four Peaks in snow

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Peopled Out

I went to Phreaknic last night. I didn't get a room at the hotel this year, just wasn't worth the money to me to have one. I had all intentions of going back today, but ended up enjoying my solitude too much. I did see pretty much all of the folks I had wanted to see. This year everyone seemed to get along well. At least last night. The fragile connection I have with these folks was a bit reinforced. All good. And I had sushi. One of these days I'll actually be able to eat it without peering at it perplexed for several minutes before I pick it up with trembling chopsticks.

Today I met two more neighbors. I met them the usual way - trespass on my property. This time with a dozer. Knocking down trees. Running up the ridge in my truck on their very steep access road (they might call it a driveway), I again met the other neighbor that was trespassing on my property with his 4-wheeler last spring. He knew who it might be with the dozer, and offered to investigate with said 4-wheeler. Not long after, they showed up at my door. Nice guys, apologized for coming onto my land, fuzzy about property lines and such. Truth be told, even I'm not sure where the lines are. At any rate, as an olive branch they will fix my driveway. Works for me. Seems that the new neighbor who owns the land right next to me (other side from the ones I usually talk about) has staked out his new house right on top of neighbor from upper ridge's water line. So, upper neighbor was asserting his easement.

Upper neighbor works in 'computer security'. He was definitely NOT impressed with my 'Hacker Inside' Phreaknic tshirt. Nor was he impressed when I mentioned 2600, and that I am a member. sigh. Always the one who looks like I'm pushing the edges of proper behavior. And this is after I've become so boringly straight.

On to other things... I am inspired by Madcap Mum's vow to post every day this month. It seems that October is blog month or some such. I was going to start, albeit a week late. I never did. So, I am, dare I say... vowing? Ok, vowing to post every day in November. I don't think I have the novel in me to do my usual attempt at nanowrimo ( in November, so I'll do a belated month long blog. She posted a haiku in lieu of a 'normal' post due to being tired last night, so giving myself that out if I need it I will attempt, no, I will do a month of daily postings. I'll work my way up to it this week. Since I never seem to be able to do anything every day for a month (sigh), this will be a good start to new abilities to follow through. right.

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