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Monday, October 15, 2007

Third Day in a Row

I'm really trying to get back into the blogging habit. I so enjoy reading others folks' blogs, even when I don't know the people in real life. So, although today was a fairly normal day I'll post about it here.

Work is going ok. I gave the short Intro classes again for co-workers to critique. Total time for both slide shows is about 45 minutes. My timing is ok, but I'm still boring. I need to pep it up. One of the guys who was in Iraq for a year and is now getting back to being a trainer showed me how he does it. He doesn't explain each form in the slide show, or sometimes even say what it is. Just "This is an example of the forms in this section of the program" next... Food for thought. I'll run through it again tomorrow, once just for myself and once to torture the guys I work with again. The longer class (the rest of the 2.5 days I'll teach each fielding) is actually installing the software and explaining that. I do that all the time. I'll start concentrating on that class next week.

Housemate and I (well, I stood there and talked to him while he worked) started back working on the laundry room. I am learning to just stand there and talk, not give directions. Really, he can do it however he wants. I just usually tend to ask why he's doing something, and he thinks I'm saying he's doing something wrong. I'm just curious. And chatty. And a pain. But, progress is being made. I loaded the pile of Goodwill stuff into the truck. Tomorrow I'll hopefully actually find a drop-off place and get rid of it.

The list of things I should be getting done is longer and longer. I do things, but more sits there and looks at me, waiting. I was thinking today that ever since Mom and Dad drove down to Atlanta, where I moved after high school, with everything that had been in my old bedroom in their house and unloaded it into my apartment for me to deal with, that I've had too much stuff to drag around. It's always been a total pain. It is even more of a pain to go through it and try to get rid of large chunks of it. I just try to keep ploughing through it all. Clear flat surfaces! is my mantra. I want to leave the house with abundant clear flat surfaces when I go off on my first fielding in November. The dining room table is cleared, as is the counter of the Hoosier cabinet. The kitchen is getting clearer. Progress. Momentum. sigh.

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  1. I love your mantra. Seems like anything horizontal calls to be weighted down with stacks of paper and books and bills and oddments of allsorts. I LOVE empty planes! So good luck!