Four Peaks in snow

Saturday, October 13, 2007


I guess it's time to check in again. I just don't have the energy to post when I'm going through a lot of change. And, change is what it has been. The new job... started out challenging. After the first 2 weeks things calmed down. I'm still learning. It's not as easy learning new things as it once was.

Another challenge lately was the really bad headaches that started when I got the new job. Stress? The ginkgo I was taking? Turns out it was maybe the coffee? I used to get those headaches whenever I'd try to drink, or inadvertently got hold of some decaffeinated coffee. I am allergic to something left behind when things are decaffeinated. It's not just the lack of caffeine, it is an actual reaction to something. I was very sensitive to motion. The guys were ready to haul me off to the hospital or doctor or something. Then, one morning I didn't drink any of their coffee for about an hour, and when I took a couple of drinks of a cup of it later the headache hit me like a hammer. I put their coffee down and went next door to the station and got coffee there. Much less headache. Yesterday I took my own coffee in, almost no headache and no sensitivity to motion. Maybe I can start learning the stuff now, too. I don't know if it is some do-gooder trying to decaffeinate the office for their own good or what, but it's not worth the fight to find out. I'll just take my own coffee in or go next door and buy it.

My first out of town trip with the job will be the Monday after Thanksgiving. I'm headed to North Carolina to observe. The tech I will be shadowing is fun, we have a good time. It should be challenging and interesting and somewhat scary all at the same time. Speaking of scary, I look around here and think that in a month I'll start traveling and see all that I need to organize here beforehand. I ended up giving the bees to a guy in the beekeepers group. He's helped me a lot, even though he kinda made me mad this spring. One hive was a total loss, but the two packages seem to be thriving. He will move them this weekend maybe, and some of the equipment, too. That will pave the way for more stuff to leave the house to the sheds. It is a beautiful weekend, no excuse not to do this.

I also want to get out and hike, even if it is just over to the county park. I bought a new pack last night at REI. I'll take the 80L one back (they have a wonderful return policy). I got an REI woman's 70L pack. The new underquilt I got for the hammock and the down bag both go in and leave some room for other things. The suspension is much better. I had them put 35lbs in the pack in the store, and I could carry it without my back hurting. I wouldn't want to carry that much on the trail, but the pack carried it comfortably. It's not an ultra-light pack, weighs in about 4.5lbs for the pack itself. It will be a good pack to get into shape with.

Much more has gone on, but I'll just jump in and try to post more often from here.

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