Monday, October 22, 2007

Sunday's belated post

My run up the ridge on Saturday showed me that my summer of not doing anything has taken its toll on my body. So, since Sunday was a beautiful fall day I took my fairly loaded down new pack over to the county park to hike for awhile. What little hiking I did kicked my butt. I did get questions about my large pack since everyone else was carrying nothing, usually not even water. The pack did fine, as did the new shoes. I realized, yet again, that I need to change out of jeans into something else when I'm carrying the pack. Too many bulky seams right where the hip belt rides. Also, I need to wear heavy socks if I'm going to buy my hiking shoes a tad larger. Mostly, though, I felt the hike in my legs and arms, right where I should feel it.

My Dad is having more issues. Minor, relatively, but his mind is getting fuzzy. Mom is cutting his pain medication down to see if his mind comes back. He ended up having shingles, which is painful, and possibly what was causing his hip pain. So, as that is being healed with the proper medication hopefully the narcotic he's been taking for the hip can go away. Also, hopefully he won't need the hip replacement. He is too old for it, and the surgery might take him out. With the pain he was having, he was ready to take that risk, though.

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