Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Bad Habits

I've picked up some bad habits while waiting for whatever it is I always end up waiting on. Today I'm sick, achy and watery eyes. Took the day off even though I won't have enough vacation days to get paid for all the time I'm taking off in September. I need to break out of the rut. Lori is back now, so work is still covered.

I've let financial details go. I've let clutter build up in the living areas, although not so much the places I've already inventoried. The places I've inventoried sorta seem like there is a place for what's there and everything goes in it's place. One of the side benefits to me of the inventory. I have gotten to where I just zone out. At work, when I should be studying and passing on-line tests, I zone out. At home, I just veg on the computer rather than do any organizing or playing with my backpacking gear or going out looking at this area of the country while I'm out here. A number of things have been knocking on the door of my awareness telling me it's time to wake up. One today was a guy sending me a private message on a message board I hang out on asking me how some of my gear works together. I couldn't answer him because I haven't been out lately and actually used it. That will change this coming weekend when I go out to the coast. Or, at least it will if I get off my duff and actually pack my backpack so I can leave from work Friday.

So, today I'll consume Vitamin C, straighten the house, sort backpacking gear, make some calls to settle some financial stuff, and get my associated body parts back under me to actually get on with my life. I also need to check in with my long term goals and see what parts of this phase of my life are working to plan, and what parts need changing up. I'm thinking that all this injury and sickness are trying to tell me something.

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