Monday, July 06, 2009

Just Normal Stuff

My co-worker is back from vacation. We started sifting through the stuff that piled up while she was gone. Easy day since the soldiers had a 4-day weekend and weren't in today. Tomorrow may be an entirely different story. Went and got groceries tonight. That is unusual in that I normally just eat out. I didn't stock up, since I'm trying to eat down my pantry. The problem is that I now only have 'ingredients' and have to actually cook to have anything to eat. So I got some frozen dinners and some quick side dishes. It's a start. I continued the inventory by adding in the items stored in the cabinet under the sink. Not as much of an ordeal as I was making it out to be. Two small cabinets that mostly have spices (which I won't inventory now) and one stack of dishes from my old set that I'm keeping around for, you know, those times I entertain. Which I don't do. It was a cloudy, misty, chilly day. I didn't even open the windows after work, and ended up turning the furnace on for just a bit to take the chill off. In July. They say it gets hot here in August, so we'll see.

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