Sunday, July 05, 2009

Feeling Better

Today I haven't taken any painkillers, and I haven't had any spasms in my neck. It is a bit sore, so I'm being careful. I also feel like I draining some infection from my sinuses. Maybe that is one reason I've felt so crappy lately. The weather is again getting cooler, it is just a bit chilly with the windows open this evening at 7pm. I'll close the windows before going to bed. The weather this far north is very different to me, being used to Tennessee.

I did laundry today, and should do a couple more loads of bedding and towels and such tomorrow. I'll see how I feel. The new laundry baskets, collapsible netting, work well to carry things to the laundry room in the park. Larry's spot next to the laundry room, where I still parked today, is empty. I used to talk to him while I did laundry even if I didn't see him any other time. I do miss him, just knowing that there was someone here that I could stop and talk to.

I have started an inventory of my stuff. I want to get renter's insurance, and an inventory would be good. That's not the main reason I want to do this. Mainly it is a way for me to really take possession of my stuff. I've worked on the kitchen. I have 2 cabinets left to do. Then I move to the dining room, which is also one of the emptier rooms. It will get really interesting when I start the living room since that is where several of the plastic tubs of stuff live. At that point I will really have to come to terms with the things that I don't use on a daily basis. What is unpacked enough to be in the kitchen is by default the things I actually use and don't need to justify otherwise. This has helped me to clear out a lot of expired food, and organize a few things better. I try to make plans to inventory 'at least 5 things each day...' and other deals that I make with myself. It doesn't work. I have to be in the mood to do it. Luckily, I'm enjoying the results of the inventory, so I am making progress.

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