Saturday, July 25, 2009

Fun Stuff

I've been a hermit lately. I'll catch up some today. First, over at Lloyd Kahn's blog he showcases YouTube videos of music he likes the latest is a cool vocal Jazz ensemble that performed in Africa last year. I really liked this video, helped by the fact that they are singing a favorite song of mine.

On another blog was a link to an article about a guy who lives without money. The article was soundbite length about a complex subject and person, so luckily the original blogger also posted a link to this guys blog.

Going back a few posts, before he was traveling as much as in the recent posts, he gets pretty deep into some philosophy. I enjoyed reading it. No so much because I agree completely, or even disagree completely. Mostly it made me think. That's a good thing. And I am reminded of a theme of one of my favorite authors, Henry David Thoreau. Those who are so busy making a living don't have the time to properly LIVE, have time to think the deep thoughts that are required (I wish...) of a living human.

I'm roaming my list of blogs and catching up around the house this morning. I went out and hiked the past 2 weekends, and was a zombie in between. I'll write more, and maybe post some pictures, as I move through this weekend.

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