Four Peaks in snow

Sunday, July 26, 2009

It's Hot

For the past 3 days it's been too hot here. I don't have any air conditioning in the trailer. It has taken until late July for the heat to strike, but it has. If it doesn't break soon, or if this is what 'summer' is here, I will have to move. The manager suggested I go buy myself a window air conditioner. I'm not going to buy my own air conditioner. I'll move someplace that has one already.

I have a wandering curiosity, if that hasn't shown itself already. The guy who lives with no money who's blog I linked yesterday has a website at:

It has many cool links on it, which is how I find most of my weird... err, interesting sites I end up following. A link there ended up with me going here:

That has me reading the book put together of Peace Pilgrim's writings. Interesting stuff, most of it things I've been exposed to other places but nice to read again in one place. Interesting dichotomy to working with a Special Ops Army Regiment on post.

As for work, it was swap-over time again. Every few months the folks who are deployed change out. 'New' folks show up who have been gone, and familiar faces stop by to say a temporary good-by. It is a mix of feelings for me. In this job, the war isn't nameless and faceless. It's the guys I work with every day, who leave family - wives and kids - to deploy. For them, at least on the surface, it is like in Corporate America when someone would go on the road for a week. Make arrangements for the home site to be taken care of while gone, and tell everyone you'll see them when you get back. I watch them head down the hall with their gear, and mentally take time to put them in God's hands. The one's coming home get an enthusiastic 'welcom back'.

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