Sunday, November 08, 2009

Back Again

Day 2. Yesterday I got several things accomplished. My bedroom looks less cluttered. I put stuff into containers, drawers, and back into the correct room depending on what it was that was out of place. The container thing is a middle ground. I find it easier to put like things together, then later go through and pare down those to just what I feel I need at the time. So, at least now there is less loose 'stuff' in there.

I have a couple of loads of laundry to do today. Still catching up on that. The dining room, small nook that it is, also got cleared out, but I haven't taken the pictures of the table yet. Maybe today.

I want to do some sit ups, and some 'girly' push-ups since I can't do even one regular one at this point. We women were asked (jokingly) by one of the test pilots (who is retired military) if we wanted to participate in a PT test the 3rd week of this month. We looked at him and even the two females who are younger than me and former military themselves mentioned they couldn't begin to pass a PT test. The pilot yelled back to the NCIOC "they're in". This particular pilot is renowned for being able to ace the PT tests with no prior notice and even though he is a 'old man' of 40. I'll be there to provide comic relief I guess.

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