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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday Evening Coming Down

I've been reading tonight. I'd bookmarked one article in it a while ago that related to the Getting Things Done organization method, but today I have been exploring the rest of the site. The Getting Things Done method is a system that I thing would really help me if only I could get organized enough to implement it. Anyway, back to the site where he has an article about NOT multitasking, and how to not do it. It involves, among other things, breaking the day down into chunks of time. I'm thinking tomorrow I'll try studying for my Security+ test for 40 min, then alternate 20 min of each hour doing what I call walkabout which is going around and checking in with my problem children, then 20 min of working on the laptops that need attention in the office. So, study 40, walkabout 20, study 40, organize and update a laptop, etc. It's a start...

I got the living room reclaimed from the backpacking gear, and the suspension on the TrekLight hammock again. The hammock I was lookingk for was there all the time, but I was thinking it was a hammock I'd gotten rid of already since they are all made from the same type material. Finally remembered I didn't have the other hammock, and viola, the one I was looking for appeared in that spot... Got the dining room kinda reclaimed, and made lentil soup in the small slow cooker. I actually thawed some chili I'd made last week and had frozen half to have tonight for dinner, so I think I'll take the lentil soup for lunch tomorrow. I refilled my pepper mill, since I found my peppercorns. I have both black and white ones, and don't remember which I had in it before. I used the black, and I'm thinking I mixed them last time. Oh, well, just have to use up this refilling and do the mix next time.

I want to shower and choose my clothes for work tomorrow before going to bed tonight. I have been working my way through my dressier office clothes to see what fits and what needs attention or needs to be passed on. So far, everything has fit. I do better if I choose the outfits the night before rather than just reaching for my usual comfort outfits in the haze of early morning.

Got the camera charged up. I don't like the pictures I'm getting of the table. The flash makes it look strange. Without flash the pictures look fuzzy. So, I'll either use my iPhone camera or figure something else out.

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