Four Peaks in snow

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Daily Wrapup

Not a lot done today except nap and wander the internet.

Here is a recipe site that gave me a recipe for instant Cream Of ... Soup:

I'm thinking I'll leave out the instant bouillon and just use store bought broth to make it with. I checked out the muffin recipes there, but I'm thinking I can get simpler than they are. Their recipe uses 1/4 stick butter. And an egg. Doesn't seem very healthy. Does sound good. I'll keep looking.

V8 has 'healthy' soups now in milk carton type single serving sizes. A take off of the Pacific brand organic ones. The Yuppie/hippie ones taste better, but the butternut squash one from V8 was ok. I got it at the local WalMart, and they had the Yuppie brands, too. I don't remember the prices, but I'm thinking I didn't save any by getting the V8 one instead. I'll go for the Yuppie brands next time.

Reading the crafts blogs has me wanting to pick up my knitting and crocheting again. I have the afghan I'm working on, and I still haven't made any socks. I see that being my main evening entertainment in a few days. It would be cheaper than the Casino, anyway.

Nope, still no picture of the table. To tell the truth, I'm not real sure where my camera is...

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