Four Peaks in snow

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday Night Cooking

Tonight I remembered that I signed up to bring sweet potatoes to the pitch-in tomorrow at work. So, quick trip to WalMart, then a second to get 2 more cans of sweet potatoes since one didn't look like nearly enough. I got some apples, and a couple of oranges. I put the cans of sweet potatoes in 'light syrup', brown sugar, a bit of cardamon, and 1.5 cut up apples into the slow cooker. I'll decide tomorrow if I want to use some orange juice, too, but most likely I won't now. The walnuts didn't make it home with me, and I'll decide if I have time to run back to WalMart on the way to work to get some more. I'm thinking when she switched from her bags to the ones I brought in and forgot to give her at first that the bag of chopped walnuts didn't make the switch. Oh, well...

Not much got done this weekend. Nothing new there.

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