Four Peaks in snow

Saturday, January 14, 2012

I made it

Sorry to leave y'all hanging. I'm in Nashville. I got in to the airport around 10pm, picked up the rental car and made it to the motel around 11. It is a no-frills kind of place, inexpensive, clean, but with personality. No bulb in one light, turn the knob a half-turn to turn another one on, no heat till I got in so it was really chilly in the room kind of place. I turned the heat on high, which didn't put a lot of heat out, put on my base layer long johns, put my down sleeping bag that I packed just in case over the covers on the bed and crashed. Woke up an hour later colder than all get out. Turned the fan to low on the heat which seemed to put out more heat, huddled under the sleeping bag and fell asleep until 7 this morning.

Turtle Lady arrived, we went to breakfast at Waffle House. I'm in culture shock so far. I can strike up a conversation with anyone pretty much and they talk back in a language I understand. Sometimes I get strange looks, but they answer me in English. I filled the small coffee pot in the room from the faucet, and I can put the toilet paper actually in the toilet (in Honduras there is a wastebasket for it next to the toilets), I can order a meal and pretty much be assured I'll get what I asked for. I can get in the car and drive (and we have!), I can shop where I want without worrying if it's safe. The car suspension works and the ride is smooth and there aren't potholes in the roads everywhere. I'm not making sense, but believe me, I am feeling like I'm in an alternate universe at times.

We have gone to my storage unit, and I have the beginnings of a plan. I have made an appointment at the optometrist for Monday for an exam so I can order a second set of glasses to be delivered at the WalMart in MO next week. I've made lunch arrangements with a friend for Tuesday, Wednesday Turtle Lady and I will eat lunch at the Indian buffet. In between all the visiting with friends I need to organize all the stuff I'm going to move, and hopefully get rid of some of it.

So, the adventure continues.


  1. Welcome back to the US, and hope the culture shock isn't too great. I used to feel it when coming back from Ireland, so I know you will coming from Honduras.

  2. Bienvenido a los Estados Unidos.. uhhh,,Sorry!! :-)

    Welcome home!!!

  3. Glad that you made it back home. Hope you have a wonderful stay.

  4. Welcome back to the States.

  5. I love the Waffle House. Last winter when we stayed in the USA, there was a WH close to the RV park in Galveston that we went to for as many breakfasts as we could. The interaction between the staff and the "regulars" was great entertainment. They also know how to cook eggs!