Four Peaks in snow

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Still in the US

I'm in Kansas City. Today I'm staying at Harrah's in KC. When I got my mail (forwarded to Mom's) I had coupons for 2 free nights here, and 2 free nights at Argosy casino. So, last night and tonight I'm here, and Thursday and Saturday I'll stay at Argosy. Harrah's has been good to me at the machines, I've been playing with their money since I got here. The room is amazing. I really do like Harrahs. Saturday Mom and I will stay at Argosy since it's a lot closer to the airport than where she lives, and I need to be there between 4am and 5am on Sunday. So, that's the plan.

I haven't been to the storage unit since the 2 teenage boys unloaded the truck into it. They did awesome. After I paid them Mom handed them a bunch of donuts, and I think they were more excited about that than the money. Well, maybe close. I'm postponing getting ready to head out by playing on the computer. I don't do well without a lot of time off to myself. The vacation has been good, but time to just veg by myself hasn't been near enough. So, that is why I'm taking advantage of the free rooms even though I could stay with Mom. I have to do some rearranging of the unit though as it seems that a briefcase that I left here with my older laptop is missing. I think it's in the stuff that was stored in the Jeep storage unit. sigh. Too much stuff to keep up with. However, most of it is now at least in the same zip code.


  1. "Time to veg out by myself"... THAT... might could be THE most precious commodity in life! ;)

    I don't ever get enough of that myself... unfortunately for them that are around me... it starts showing up in my personality!

    1. Brian - me too. Apparently I start yelling at the television (which beats yelling at the kids or the dogs) which gets me sent to my room which gets me the instant alone time I need. Thankfully it's working that way in my life at the moment. :-)

  2. Congratulations on getting all your stuff into one storage unit.

  3. I like my alone veg time to, but some times I get too much of it.