Four Peaks in snow

Sunday, January 15, 2012


Turtle Lady's husband, Bill, filled their SUV with my (empty) toolboxes and 50LB bag of wheat (think Y2K...). She sill has more stuff to make disappear from the unit for me prior to the big loading of the truck. The house rental is problematic. Seems 'some' of the rent is seen as paying the rent. I wish I could get rid of the house some how. Selling it would be the best option, but that doesn't look promising in the near future. Oh, well.

I have scheduled lunch or dinner with friends for most meals this week. Turtle Lady keeps my schedule written in pencil in her notebook. She is making a run to Super WalMart right now for some hot chocolate mix for me. I had mentioned it, and then decided that I was too tired to go out for it. She is spoiling me.

I wonder when I will get back to Nashville next. I truly don't know. Everyone asks me my plans, and I have none. Pay off debt. That is the plan. Which ever option that presents itself that pays off the debt is what I'll do. Right now that is working in Honduras. Working outside the US means that I have to get all the details of my life in the US consolidated and put on autopilot. That is my plan. When I look up and that train has run out of track I'll find someplace else to work. Other than that I got nothing.

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  1. Who is Turtle lady? Whom ever she may be seems like she is helping you.

    It is hard when you live in one place and work in another even when you live in the same state. I can only imagine how much harder that must be when you live in another country.

    Don't worry about plans just take it one day at a time.