Four Peaks in snow

Monday, January 02, 2012

Traveling through Tegucigalpa

The image above was taken when we were already about half way up the side of the mountain. The statue of Jesus (Christo), which is where we are headed, can be seen above the Coca-Cola sign. Zoom in if you need to.

For part of the rest of trip up the mountain I just shot out the window or straight ahead. So, enjoy some street scenes from Tegucigalpa. This is just one small part of the capital city of Honduras.

We were switch-backing so much that I was getting car sick trying to take pictures, so I put the camera away until we got to the top. More pictures later. Which may be tomorrow.


  1. Fantastic pictures! I don't see anything but nice cars on the streets and no colorful buses. When I was in El Salvador in 1993 there were no late model cars on the roads, but lots of buses & vans (informal taxicabs) packed to the gills with people. I wished I had been able to get to Honduras then, but about 25 miles from the border was the closest I ever got. Looking forward to more pictures.

  2. I guess I should have pointed out that this is the more upscale part of the city. Other parts, that I've ventured to, are more crowded, mostly taxis and older cars. However, there is a law that a car must be no older than 10 yo to be imported, so really there aren't that many 'old' cars.