Saturday, July 30, 2016

Another photo from the Rim

I'm posting these to show that parts of Northern Arizona are not the rocky desert that most people picture when thinking of the state. Payson is somewhere down in the pines below. Summer up here is really pleasant.

And now, today's disaster is brought to you by:. Water

Actually it was the day after the hike. When getting up to make coffee that morning, instead of carpet on my feet i felt water. I realized it was not raining, but the sound of water was coming from under the sink. I yelled for Mike to turn off the water at the outside supply while I pulled on clothes to go buy a shop vac. From the size of the pond under the rv, the leak had been pouring out water most of the night. Mike requested that I put on coffee before making the run to Walmart for the shop vac.

Once the worst of the water was drained and vacuumed up we investigated and found the connection that had let go. At True Value Mike is lecturing me on how my water lines are bogus and all need to be replaced, etc. I look at the section to be replaced we brought, leave him sorting through the various connector bins, and go find a hose that is meant for connecting to a sink faucet. $6 and done as far as I'm concerned. He gives me a look I'm getting somewhat used to...

Mike replaced the section with the flexible hose replacement and we tested it. That part fixed. Of course, in the process of all this, he found more of my previous fixes and put them right.

Much vacuuming of water took up the rest of the next few days, and I'm still blowing fans on the damper sections of carpet. It didn't help that the next morning I started coffee, and decided to do the dishes. I turned on the water, moved some dishes around, found my phone, sat down to make a big post, and discovered when I went to get coffee that I forgot to turn off the water and it was overflowing the sink. Mike is still speaking to me...

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  1. Gee whiz ... squirrel much?

    Here's hoping for dryer times ahead. But, not too dry.

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one doing stuff like that. Mine here lately is burning up sauce pans. When you have a one track mind...

  3. Your writing ability shines when life happens! I look forward to meeting this Miracle Mike that you conjured up in such a timely way. When you guys get that RV all fixed up, maybe I should pay for the two of you to fly to KY and take a look at my RV of that vintage.

  4. Nice to have a "Handy Man" around! I am sure you will get used to "that look".

  5. These are all part of the rv experiences that I think we have all had, sometime we learn and sometimes we do those things again, and just carry on. Never a dull moment.