Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Getting ready to travel

While I am parked near Mom I can travel and leave the RV and cats in her care, so I'm taking advantage of this opportunity.  Since getting back into contact with friends from 40+ years ago, most of which I haven't seen in 10-20 years, I've had my view drawn further afield than just AZ.  There is a National Speleological Society convention in Ely, NV next week.  I had been kinda pondering going as friends said they would be there.  When Mike and I talked while at the Grand Canyon I started seriously considering going.  After Turtle Lady had a talk with me and reminded me that traveling was what I had been planning to do for years, I decided to go to convention.  I haven't been to one since 1992.

Since I'm thinking of travel now, and I have until the end of August in my current situation with Mom available to watch the cats, I decided to also go up and visit Croft and Norma in Campbell River.  I'm checking flights and such right after I post this.

I spoke too soon about the hot spots.  They are working fine here in Mesa, where I'm waiting while they do an oil change on the zoom zoom car.  They don't work so well in Payson, where I need them to work.  I'll give them another try when I go home today, but if they don't work I'll send them back.  The primary reason I got them (one for Mom, one for me) is that Mom wants to get back on the internet.  If it doesn't work for her, I really don't need one either as I will end up with a Verizon Jet Pack, I think, once I'm off into the desert.  So, the search for internet access is still on-going.

At convention we will be camping.  I've been digging around in my camping gear for the first time in about 5 years.  My car trunk currently holds 2 backpacking tents, 3 tarps, a sleeping bag/liner/3 sleeping pads, 2 backpacking stoves (5 if you count the pop can alcohol stoves), a cook kit,  2 rain jackets, rain pants, rain poncho/bivy tarp, bear canister, folding bucket, 2 folding chairs, folding table, hiking boots, caving helmet (figured I should take at least 1 piece of caving gear), and several other things in the 2 backpacks and tucked into the nooks and crannies.  I did laundry but still need to pack, and think about some snacks for the trip up.  I'm sure I"ll forget something, as until this morning I had not put a tent in the pile.  I'll leave early Friday morning.

I need to figure the schedules of the Victoria Clipper ferry to get from Seattle to Victora and Southwest into Seattle for my trip up to Norma and Croft's next month.  I figure I can grab a cab for the trip from the airport to the ferry.  I am looking forward to seeing them again, and having a chance to view Canadians in their native habitat. Lots to do, finally.  I was turning into a lump on the couch with no external structure in my life.  I'll have to figure out how to deal with that at some point, but I'll use travel as the crutch to get me going again for now.


  1. Travel and moving about is what keeps us going, Just jump in and do it experience different places and different faces.

  2. Wow! It sounds like you have a plan, and I hope you have a great time.

  3. Call a cab company and ask the price from SeaTac to the Clipper. It is a long way and I would expect $$$$. A local shuttle service to downtown might be your best bet. Or a free shuttle to a downtown hotel and then sneak out and grab a cab to the dock. Make sure your passport is current. If it is close to the expiry date you might have to renew.

  4. Passport is good until August of 2020.

  5. Someone listens when I speak? Oh, man . . .the pressure.

  6. Wow, you have a lot of camping gear. With all that you could be set for the annual chili cook-off in Terlingua :)