Four Peaks in snow

Monday, July 18, 2016

Convention Campground

Not a bad place to camp with a few hundred of my closest friends.  It has been a long time since I camped like this, with so many folks around.  My back is starting to mutter a bit about sleeping on my backpacking pads.  It is fun to see old friends, hear about others.  One very good friend I was so looking forward to seeing got as far as Denver and had a stroke on the way here.  He is in the hospital and doing better.  I am really sad not to get to see him, and am keeping him in my thoughts.  Some discussion of the aging of the group.  Mostly the consensus is, it happens.


  1. Have too much fun there.
    We can't help getting old but we don't need to grow up, do we?

  2. I love to go camping, but maybe in a smaller group. I didn't get my camping "fix" last year because of all the fires, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for late Aug/early Sept.

  3. One good way to keep your back from protesting about sleeping on backpacking pads is to drink a nice glass of wine or two before you go to sleep :)

  4. Glad to finally find internet again so I can catch up on your travels....good to see you out and about again doing things you love. We are currently in East Glacier where internet is more than sparse. Loving Life!!