Four Peaks in snow

Monday, July 18, 2016

On the road again...

Made it to convention.  Nevada is beautiful in places.  I drove for miles along a valley between mountains.  Topped a rise and before me saw...  many more miles of valley between mountains.  Welcome to Nevada.

Sent this yesterday from my phone, but it didn't show up.  Internet here is spotty.  May have 2 identical posts, which I'll clean up when I get home.

And, edited again to add the picture that didn't come through the email...  sigh.  This stuff used to work.  I'll download LiveWriter to this computer soon.


  1. Enjoy your travels, new places and new faces.
    Everytime we hit the road Play that song by Willie Nelson. Actually going to his live concert here in September.
    Travel safe
    George and Suzie

  2. We love Nevada and all the openness and nothingness.