Four Peaks in snow

Monday, July 04, 2016

Getting up in my world

This motorhome does not have a ladder to the roof. When the bathroom vent was leaking in the recent rain I bought a new vent and a telescoping ladder. The ladder took awhile to figure out but I managed to get it extended. Then I woke Mom up to request her presence to call 911 given how I figured this will go.

While waiting for her to eat breakfast I went up for the first gander at my roof. The good news is that it is sealed nicely. The less good news is that the vent is sealed solidly to the roof. I looked at the situation for few minutes. I texted Sandie Dixon with another plea to send me a Jim clone. Seems he is doing nefarious things with a drill and won't stop long enough to be cloned.

I went over and told Mom to stand down, I am not going to try this after all. I may call my mobile fix-it guy again and pay him to replace it. I may call a buddy from long ago and see if he wants to go hiking over here, and by the way I have a vent that needs to be replaced first. Probably go with calling Can Do mobile fix-it, though.

There is no screen in the vent, a blade is broken off the fan, and now the cover is broken. I have the bottom trim off and the wires capped off. The vent cover is sealed as much as I can with silicon. Now it will be up to Carl at Can Do. Yes, we are on a first name basis now. On a related note, stock in silicon is due to go up. This place will be held together with it before long.

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  1. Good that you found the leak, getting it fixed sooner or later is a good thing. Dicor self levelling caulking is the best for you roof.

  2. I climbed the ladder to my 5th wheel up to the point where I could see the roof, but never had the nerve to actually hoist myself onto it. Fortunately I have sons and a son-in-law who are much more nimble and sure-footed than I am. Be careful!

  3. Those fans are notoriously noisy. The good news is they can be very easily replaced with a fan from a computer housing. Both are 12 volt fans but the computer fan can be left on for hours or even days and uses hardly any electricity. I have replaced mine on all three of our motorhomes. You have to get a little inventive when it comes to mounting the fan but it is not that hard.

    Removing the old exterior cover is another thing. It is not supposed to be sealed down to the roof but comes with little brackets to keep it off the surface to allow for air circulation. You will have to cut into the old caulking to remove the old cover and then reseal with Dicor Self Leveling Sealant. It is not a complicated job but will involve sitting on the roof while you do it. Not a huge job for your mobile repair guy but it will cost $$.

  4. That is a neat looking telescoping ladder. Where do you keep it? Wish I could offer some advise on repairs but I know nothing on the subject.

    Hope you don't have dish out a lot of $$$

  5. Well when in doubt call the guy, since you already bought the new fan it shouldn't cost to much, I hope. I give you a lot of credit as you have already done so much on your own. And I wouldn't even think of climbing on the roof period.