Four Peaks in snow

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Back to Ready! mode

The large Bush fire is now in mop up stage. There is still a lot of work for the firefighters to do, but the perimeters are secured, at least as far as public safety and infrastructure are concerned.  The people living along Hwy 188 will be allowed to go back home today.  Sunflower, over on Hwy 87 is still in Evacuation mode. 

I am really happy that we didn't have to evacuate.  Mom is in recovery mode from the stress, as am I.  Our preparations will remain until we get some major rain.  There is a fire, the Central fire, over by Interstate 17.  That is an issue for us as that has potential to close one of our 2 remaining routes to Phoenix.  The fire is East of the interstate and moving North East, but isn't close to us.  Yet.  We could still head north or east if we need to evacuate.  For me, this means that Flagstaff is probably easier to get to than Phoenix, even though mileage wise it is usually about 30 miles further away.

So, back to knitting and cleaning and petting Bosley.


  1. That must be a relief and just stay in go mode. Stay Safe

  2. Thank you for the update. Glad to hear your mom and you are in recovery mode.

  3. Happy to hear you and your Mum seem to be in recovery mode.
    Arizona is on fire !

  4. Smoke fills my sister's home daily in Chambers, AZ. She coughs, can't sleep, and can't get fresh air into lungs. She says it's awful even though the fire is more than 200 miles away.

    1. Rita, I live vicariously through your experiences and stories; if you care to write more, would you mind copying me at Be safe!

  5. You and your mother are fighting two enemies at the same, the fires and Covid-19. Just so happy that you are now in a safe place. It was not so long ago when I spoke with a nurse who survived the California Paradise fires; she left her home with nothing but the scorched clothes on her back. Be safe!