Four Peaks in snow

Thursday, June 18, 2020

View from the casino. UPDATED

Looking south from the point where highway 87 is closed.  Seems like the bigger the fire gets, the less news is put out.  Or, maybe I'm obsessing about it.

Edited to add:. Ok, I'm a little stressed.  This is looking at the smoke from the Bush fire raging down in Tonto basin, probably 20 miles away.  Once the fire crosses the basin, if it does, it is an uphill sweep to where I am.  The casino is on the south edge of town and the main highway south is closed at the casino.

The information page has gone back to the fire map from yesterday.  This morning there was a map showing the fire had made it to the basin and to Highway 188 that traverses the length of the basin more or less in the middle.  I'm frustrated in that I will be slow in the motorhome and I don't want to wait until we get the evacuation notice.

AZ uses the Ready! Set! Go! model for the notices.  Communities about 12 miles south of me have been moved to Set! status.

If any of be this (all of this?) is gibberish, basically send prayers for good decisions to be made by all parties involved.


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    1. Thank you. Now I understand. It is very dry here in Del Rio Tx also.

  2. We're I in your place if there's anywhere safe to go to I'd start driving to there pronto!!! Why are you waiting? Do you know where to go from there? -Mary

  3. Logically I agree with you. I do have a place to go. I'm finding it really difficult to pull the trigger and leave for some reason. Art of it is that I'm making the decision for Mom and her neighbor as well as myself.

  4. I wouldn't wait to long from what I have seen on the news tonight neither this fire or the one in the Catalina Mountains can mantain a contaiment because of the winds. I haven't smelled any smoke where I am at in Tucson but the pictures are hard to look at. Please be safe and wise.

  5. We have been evacuated twice from our mountain home due to fires over the years. IT IS BETTER TO GO SOONER RATHER THAN LATER, especially taking your Mom and her friend into consideration. The first evac we had to leave home at 9:30 at night and it took four hours to go down the mountain via a detour with bumper to bumper traffic. The next evac left in the daytime and was able to travel without a detour. Be safe.

  6. I'm with the others. The time to go is probably now. I wouldn't want to deal with the (possible) bumper-to-bumper traffic of an evacuation.

  7. Just go. Better safe than sorry...or stuck in a traffic jamb. IMHO

  8. The news about the fire I found this morning said places around you were on go stage and evacuating. I hope and pray that you,your mother and her friend are safe,and hope you can give us an update here on your blog soon.May God guide,protect and bless you. - Mary