Wednesday, June 17, 2020

More of the same

There is a video update in a half hour on FaceBook about the Bush wildfire.  I had said my line in the sand is if the fire crosses 188.  It is 3/4 mile from the highway, or was this morning.  The fire is closest to the highway (from what I can tell) at Roosevelt Lake, so I'm hopeful it won't actually cross the road.  The fire is almost 90K ac. now.  Again, this is as of the morning's update.  I'll edit this after I watch the afternoon update if there are any significant changes.

I have slowly been cleaning and putting away loose items sitting around.  I'm trying to actually sort and put away properly this time.  I have most of the items I had outside put in bins.  I have bin space for the 2 items outside right now.

Phones are working today.  That is a help. 

My plan is to keep monitoring the fire, but not obsessively as I have been.  I keep at least 4 gal of drinking water to cook with, and a dozen at least bottles of water to drink.  If things get closer, but not yet to leave status I'll start the motorhome and let it run, and run the generator.  I replaced the inline water filter at the spigot yesterday and filled the freshwater tank.  This helped me see with fresh eyes my hookups and to have the tool(s) needed to quickly disconnect.  I always do this twice a year, but it is good to have a refresher.  In the meantime I'm cleaning to knock down some of the dust and cat hair around here.  Mom is sensitive, or at least more sensitive than I, to such things.  If I have a few more days I'll replace the filters on the air purifier and set it up again.

I told Mom, and she agreed, that even if this fire doesn't come any closer, this is early in the fire season.  This fire started as a car fire down by Phoenix.  We have 3 or 4 weeks of dry to get through before the monsoon rains show up, probably.  How dry is it?  Humidity is dipping below 10%.  Winds are gusting up to 15mph.  Temperatures down near the Valley are over 100.


  1. Hoping the Weather turns in your favour to help put out those fires,
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Good idea to be ready to roll. That fire is a monster and the one down here in Tucson is really bad to. I just don't understand how people refuse to leave Summer Haven and other cabins, surely they haven't forgotten the last fire and how fast it sweep down on them. Be safe and well

  3. You are in a tinderbox environment. Good to be hyper alert to changes. Keep your eyes peeled.

  4. Glad you are making preparations in case you have to evacuate which I sincerely hope you do not have to.

    My mom like yours is also sensitive to cat hair and dander. Stay alert and may the fires soon be brought under control.

  5. Be safe and be prepared! I think of the two of you often!