Tuesday, June 16, 2020

One more stress yesterday

Just to add to my stress yesterday, Mom and my's TMobile phones stopped working.  I went into town and we took her car and filled the gas tank.  I said I'd check on her today if the phones still didn't work.  I read this morning that there was a network attack that caused my phones to not work.  Everything seems back to normal today.  I have a backup Visible cellphone as it is only $25/mo for unlimited talk/text/data and they used to have $19 phones as an incentive.  I wish I'd gotten Mom one at the time, but I wanted to try out the service.  I end up using the data on that one as a hot spot when my TMobile won't connect.  I also have an AT&T hotspot.  Usually I can connect with one of them.

Smoke is getting heavier up here, and the wind is picking up.  Not good things to happen.  I'm slowly working my way through getting ready in case I have to evacuate.  I had gotten lazy and let things pile up. This has been the roundtuit that I needed to get back on it.


  1. Sorry to hear this but at least you are ready to go in case the situation requires it. Good luck.

  2. I just checked in on your fire. not good. Tomorrow we might rent a storage unit or a truck. Just a huge mess
    Take care be safe, parsnip