Monday, June 15, 2020

My State is Burning

Arizona is burning.  The Catalina Mountains by Tucson is ablaze.  The wildfdire in the Kaibab National Forest up by the North Rim of the Grand Canyon is so large that 89A is closed all the way across, and Jacob Lake is being evacuated.  Now there is a fire between here in Payson and Phoenix.  Hwy 87 is closed from here in Payson to the Bush Hwy exit on the north side of Phoenix, almost to Fountain Hills.  Hwy 188 over to Globe is closed from Rye/87 to Roosevelt Lake and the communities along it are being evacuated. 

I have verified my welcome at my friend's place up in Williams where he has room for the motorhome.  I am  packing things that I have been lazy and let get strewn all over the motorhome.  If/when I need to move quickly I won't want to deal with all that.  I'll get stocked up on drinking water, fill my fresh water tank on the motorhome, Mom is packing clothes and a to go bag, and she will take her friend/neighbor and follow me up.  I will probably take the car on the dolly and baby the brakes on the motorhome and hope for the best.

Once we have the plan in place I will relax.  If the fire closes any further exit points for us, I'll take off.  I'm not so worried about the fire as I am being in traffic with only one way out.  We are down to 2 now.


  1. Hello ! I just read your comment. at my blog.
    I am so sorry to read this. I have lived through one wildfire and lost everything
    Except my children thank goodness.
    Pack up and I hope your do not have to leave.
    You live in the most beautiful area I hope it stays like that.
    cheers, parsnip

  2. Get ready to move and let's hope it passes quickly and no one gets hurt.

  3. With Covid and protests taking up the news cycle, the Arizona wildfires had completely escaped my attention! OMG! Keep yourself and your mom safe, everything else is just "stuff". Always have an exit plan!

  4. Praying the fires don't go your direction.

  5. The national news, which I watch often, has zero coverage of this news. Too busy with Peaceful Protests and covid. Hopefully everything works out for y'all.

  6. Looks like the 3 fires that were burning on the edge of Apache Junction last night were all heavy thick smoke at 5AM today, could hear the planes. The fires in Tonto Basin area are bad...