Saturday, October 09, 2010

Obligatory First Picture

I stumbled out of my hotel room, hair uncombed and no shoes, with my camera in hand.  The cleaning maids who had been chatting and laughing out in the hallway immediately became silent and eyed me.  I tried to smile even though I haven't had much coffee yet.  I do have the coffee maker in my room now, so I do have some coffee, a major improvement over last weekend.  I wondered to the end of the hall where the balcony is open air.  The banner announcing that this is the Plaza Futura blocked any view.  So, I padded back to the stairs and went up a floor, pointed the camera out the balcony, and snapped the above shot.

I'll try to do better after more coffee, breakfast, a shower, and a cab ride into town.

Blogspot doesn't like emailed HTML I guess. Livejournal posted the picture correctly from the email. I'll have to work on that I guess. If you see the picture instead of html above, then I figured it out.


  1. Thanks for putting yourself out to get a picture for us.. :-) As for posting pictures,, I just let my Canon do the settings and then move them all over to the computer and never try to edit the HTML involved.. Just toss it on there.. Seems to work for me anyway..

    BTW, looks cloudy today, is that normal ?

  2. This is the end of their rainy season. Yes, it is cloudy for part of every day. I missed the daily rain, but for here it is 'chillly', which means that I don't have to run the air conditioner constantly.