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Saturday, October 02, 2010

Wow, What a Week

It's difficult for me to grasp that Monday I was at my Mom's in Kansas City, and I'm here in Honduras for this Saturday morning when I can finally just sit and breathe.  Folks, be careful what you put out to the Universe that you want, because the Universe may just give it to you.  Some recaps that I haven't had energy to post until now:

The only reason I was able to leave on Saturday from Olympia is because of Casey and Travis.  They met me for a goodby breadfast, and said they would take anything I didn't want.  I was to consider them my trash container.  So, I did.  They had to go get a truck to hold everything.  This was after I had given away 'everything' already, and shipped 'everything', and was loading 'everything else'.  An entire truck load went with them.  The carrot on the end of the stick for them was that they wanted my vacuum, and I needed to vacuum the apartment before I left, and everything had to be packed and out of there before that could happen.  The reality was, they were awesome friends who were there for me, and I won't forget that soon.

Three times on the trip I locked my keys in the Jeep.  Well, only one time were they actually in the Jeep, but 3 times I 'broke into' the Jeep.  I have said that it's 'only a zipper' but at the Micky D's in Idaho (I think it was...) that first night, I was stunned at how easily I opened it up and had immediate access to where my computer bag was laying in plain sight.  I changed it's location.  A very nice young man assisted me by climbing into the Jeep to unlock the door.  After it was open (and I moved my computer bag) I couldn't find my keys in the console.  Yet another check of my pockets found my keys right where they should have been.  I knew at that point I was a zombie, but took the lesson not to leave valuables totally visible.

Driving from Mom's to Nashville I stopped at a rest area in the middle of the night and changed from my shorts to jeans because it had gotten cool.  When I got to the Jeep I checked my pockets repeatedly, and no keys.  I unzipped the back window and crawled up and opened the door.  Again, no keys in the console or floor or anywhere.  Went back into the bathroom, and they were on the floor by the hand washing station.

The third time I did actually lock the keys in the Jeep in downtown Nashville.  Nest, with his long arms was able to reach in from the unzipped side window and open the door.  I found the keys in my computer bag, where I'd stuffed the power cords before getting out.  Not sure what the lesson in all this was.  I'm thinking that it's that I have too much stuff to keep track of, and I need to simplify drastically.

Maybe I'll post more about Honduras later.  This morning I'm reflecting back on what I left.

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