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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Welcome to Honduras

It's official now.  I spent Monday night mostly in the bathroom.  I'm officially in a 3rd world country.  It seemed to be the DFac food that made me ill, but who knows.  I'm blaming the chocolate milk.  They have all the drink you want at the DFac.  And they have this large stainless steel milk machine with the 3 handles, the middle one giving chocolate milk.  Seemed like a waste not to drink a couple of glasses of it most meals.  Thing is, I haven't drank milk for decades.  I'd switched to soy milk while in the US, mostly because it keeps on the shelf for months if not opened.  I can buy a case and have milk anytime I need it for cooking or making smoothies.  So, suddenly drinking cow's milk again didn't sit well.  Then yesterday I was a zombie from lack of sleep, so when I got home I just turned off the light and went to sleep.  Today I still feel a bit puny, but I think that is from lack of food.  I'm working on getting everything back to an even keel.

I came up with an additional list of things that may not be essential but that make life much easier.  I'll post that in the next few days.  For now I need to catch up with what's gone on in the last 48 hours in blog land.

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  1. Poor Baby,, maybe the milk, or eaten any fruit from down there? That'l do it also, maybe they washed it with bad water? Happen to me in Jamaica..

    Keep us advised..