Saturday, November 06, 2010

All's right in the world

I'm sitting in my recliner drinking coffee and surfing the net on a Saturday morning.  Life is good.  I have a 'free' (included in the price of rent) breakfast waiting on me downstairs whenever I decide to head down, my stuff in boxes waiting for me to go exploring, and a weekend with no issues pressing for my attention.  Oh, and a day this next week for Veteran's Day to go exploring around town if I so choose.  Life is good.

A quick link from The Last Straw ( ):  The link I like is from, a site I used to follow every day a few years ago.  I smile when other bloggers put in a link about something cool they found there.  Treehugger is a neat site about alternative ways to deal with energy and trash and  other issues.  This link is a Buddhist temple made from beer bottles, and it's beautiful:

My buddy Phil has managed to forward our Skype connection to his cell phone, where it comes in to him as a regular phone call.  This is cool in that we used to talk mostly while he drives home from work and now can do so again.  Obviously we don't have the video component since he's driving, and to call an actual phone costs (him) money, although I'm not sure how much.  I am truly appreciative of the technology that allows me to be almost in as much contact with friends up in the US as when I lived up there, even though I'm in Honduras.

Just read a blog on procrastination.  Putting things off until the future.  I look around the (messy) apartment.  I feel my stomach wanting breakfast.  I remember I need to write about the trip last weekend, and some about the unloading of my stuff on Thursday evening.  Guess I should get up, put on shoes and get some breakfast.  It's chilly here.  I went down in jeans, tshirt and bare feet to get some bottled water to make coffee earlier and it was chilly (the floors here are all tile).  I came back up and turned off the air conditioners, that's how chilly it is.  Ok, they are on thermostats and probably hadn't been on all night, but still...  So, I may need to actually put on socks.  Nah, I'll just grab my sandals.  That's my 'it's the weekend' footwear.


  1. It is your weekend, do what ever you want and wear what ever you want. Some times you need a day or two to just be yourself.

  2. I sure enjoy your post about life down there. Now MORE!!! Pictures!! We want Pictures!!,, and especially about the cave adventure.
    And once you figer out the proper protocol for taking pictures on the street of people.

    thanks for updating!!