Saturday, November 20, 2010

Weekend Getaway

Today I am in Teguc at the InterContinental Hotel.  This is a trial run to see if it will be one of my get away places.  So far so good.  The drive up was eventful.  Three of us in a Jeep Liberty followed C down the road.  I've mentioned the condition of the road to here before, and that the driving is like being a passenger in a Nascar event.  It turns out the C is used to driving in the Middle East, and drives that way.  This fits well with the drivers here, he beats them at their own game.  Trying to keep up with him was even more exciting.  The guy driving the Jeep I was riding in wasn't about to be left behind.

The occasion for them was the fact that everyone but me is leaving in the next 2 months, and the couple I was riding with are trying to sell the Jeep before they leave.  After dropping off a Dell contractor who was riding with C at the airport so he could fly home, we did a sudden stop at a guy who was working around a car and C asked directions to someplace.  Turns out that C knew the folks wanted to wash the car before showing it to prospective buyers, so he was asking a local where to find a car wash.   When C needs to stop, a parking spot is considered a waste of time and he just scooches over in the general direction of the curb.  As cars leaving the airport squeezed our two trucks there was much waving of hands and comments, and finally a friendly handshake and off C zoomed with us close behind.   Once out of the airport we cut around side streets until C stopped near an alley cutoff and pointed down it.  Looking closely there was a hand lettered sign that said some version of Car Wash.  C parked his truck in the street and got out to investigate while we blocked for him in our truck.  Finally he gestured us down the alley, and we pulled into a back courtyard with cars and local Honduran young guys running around.  After negotiations, it was settled on $4.00 for the wash and we got out.  C retrieved his truck from the street and we watched while a couple of the  guys hand washed the Jeep.

On the road again, we stopped at a place to show the Jeep to a reseller.  I had S take a picture of the engines lined up.  I guess if you buy a car you get your choice of custom sized engines?  There were at least 10 of them neatly lined up on the pavement in the covered area.  Then I asked to be let off at the IC before they went off to do more trading and selling.  C pulled into the Marriott.  We decided he knew i needed a bathroom, but I couldn't understand why he stopped there when the IC was within sight.  Turns out that the Marriott has a really nice breakfast buffet and we got there in time.  So, after frantic driving and fighting traffic (we won...) we sat down at a luxury buffet and ate.  For $15 it was really nice.  I was dropped off after the meal, and the others drove off.

More later.  Oh, I forgot my camera.  If S actually emails me the pictures she takes I'll post them.

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