Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I tried to post this last night, but lost internet as I hit send.  I'll try again:

Nope.  Not the trip report.  I have a picture coming that I want to include.  At least that's the current excuse.  Basically, now that I have my things here I spend my time either in my recliner or unpacking, not writing.  Also, some things have happened here that I wanted to think about before I write about them.  The guy who arrived a couple of days behind me at work was attacked and robbed this weekend.  He's injured, although I don't have a good idea of how badly.  He's still here in Honduras, and I've already told all involved at work that if I'm hurt they better be working on getting my a$$ to the States because I don't care how good the care it here, I want to go home if I'm hurt.  I'll know more if he comes back to work in a month or so.  Yes, he's hurt that badly, machete's aren't nice things to be sliced with.  He was doing something I wouldn't have tended to do, which is walk downtown alone.  Now I won't be going downtown at all.  I'll head to Tegus to shop.  This happened at noon on Sunday.  I am not particularly worried about my own safety, as I draw my lines pretty conservatively.  That's why I'm not out doing more sightseeing.  I am being even more careful now.  We've been told that from now until Christmas the bad guys are even more desperate for money, so be more watchful.  No problem.  There won't be any trips with the folks on post for awhile as they are now on lock down.  Warm fuzzy (not) that soldiers aren't allowed out in the town I live in because it's too dangerous.  Situational awareness isn't just a buzz phrase down here, it's an essential skill.  So, if my life seems boring while I'm here, this is why.  I'm a home body anyway, so I'm not feeling inconvenienced in any real way.

I found out about a cheap airline, Spirit Airlines, that flys from Honduras to Ft. Lauderdale, FL for well under $100 each way.  Coupled with a Southwest cheap fare to either Kansas City to see Mom or to Nashville to see friends, I can see flying up for a 4 day weekend every few months.  That helps with the closed in feeling.  Also, weekends at luxury hotels in Tegus help break up the monotony.  All in all I'm still feeling ok about staying here for the year.

Back to today.  I have tomorrow off for Veteran's Day.  Early in the morning several of us are getting our Honduran driver's license.  I'm hoping there isn't a test.  I may not drive while down here, but I'll still feel better having some 'local' ID.  No other plans other than to continue unpacking and sorting.  Friday should be slow at work since the soldiers have it as a holiday to make a 4 day weekend.  I did buy a bottle of Bailey's so I'll have a nice cup of coffee later with the only creamer I use.  I gave away what liquor I had in WA before I left.  This is the start of my new liquor cabinet.  Of course, when I leave here I'll give away whatever I have left at that point, so I'll have to start fresh yet again.  Life's tough when I travel around so much.  :)


  1. Wow,,What a report, Glad you are well and taking the precautions,
    Like I've said before, "We ain't in Kansas anymore"

  2. Sorry to hear about the guy getting the working end of a machete. Not good. Stay safe, even if it is an inconvenience.

  3. I don't know what to say - please take care!