Sunday, November 21, 2010

Weekend Continued

I'm still here in the IC in Teguc.  Yes, that is short for Tegucigalpa.  I looked up the full spelling on a receipt just now, and I still wouldn't bet folding money I got it right.  So, as I said, I'm still in Teguc.  Catching up more from yesterday, the car wash was very much a 'we aren't in Kansas anymore' thing.  They pulled the Jeep over to the area near a stock tank looking thing and had bucket of soapy water, a hose, and what looked like cut off antifreeze bottles with the top open and the handle still there.  They dipped the modified antifreeze containers into the stock tank and tossed water all over the jeep, used the sprayer on the hose that put out soap like a regular car wash sparingly, and hand washed with rags and the buckets of soapy water, then rinsed with the cut off plastic containers of water tossed over it again.  I swear they went over that Jeep 4 or 5 times.  They took out the mats and hand scrubbed them.  Then they drove back under the large covered carport area and hand dried it, wiping down the windows, opening the doors and drying the edges.  We were kinda in a hurry, and when they started wiping it down a second time we said it was fine and got in.  I swear they were still trying to wipe it down as we drove off.  Definitely the best $4 car wash I've ever seen.

I bought a new HP netbook in the PX on Friday.  I am still going to send back my Asus EeePC to be repaired under warranty, but I want a machine to be out on the internet with while use my good laptop to do some scanning and things I'd rather not be on my machine that's on the net.  So, I spent pretty much all of the rest of yesterday setting it up, downloading the AVG Anti-Virus (free), and Firefox, and Skype and getting it all working together.  And uninstalling the crap, err, extra value software they send these out with now.  When I'm downloading software, the primary technical knowledge I need is on how to uncheck all that extra cr... extra value stuff they want to add to it.  No, I don't want your 'security/search/NY Times Reader/Tool Bar.  So far I liked my Asus better than this HP, but I only paid $250 for it.  I walked the mall a bit yesterday, and I went into the HP store there.  I saw basically this netbook for 8,600 limps.  I used my calculator when I got back and divided by 19 (there are roughtly 18 or 19 limps/dollar) and it is over $450.00 here.  Guess I'll be doing the mail order thing if I want much of anything.  I'll go try to find a 'cheap' flat screen monitor later, but I'm thinking that if I really want one I will order it online.

It's time to go take a nice long shower, and use some of these fancy shampoo and soap and such that they gave me here.  I got my complimentary fruit plate and bottled water yesterday.  Oh, I also went down and had the breakfast buffet here and it was nice, but crowded.  Same basic price, $16 and change.  So far I'm happy with this as a get away.

...  Ok, that was at 11.  The internet died at that point, since I'd been there 24 hrs.  I didn't want to pay, so I just turned off the computer.  I had my nice shower, and then went grocery shopping.  I got some things I'm not sure what they are, and some things I had planned on, and some things I didn't get because it was too much to carry all the way back.  I'll try to take a picture of it all tomorrow.  I'm back home now.  It was an... interesting... drive home.  I'm going to put away my things and try to get organized for tomorrow.

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  1. Sounds like a great car wash. The must take pride in their work.