Monday, November 15, 2010


Comments on blogs are strange things in a way.  I never had many comments here until I started commenting on others' blogs.  Well, I never had many readers till then, either.  At any rate, I find that I feel a need to explain when I comment on a new blog that I live in Honduras.  Mostly because that colors my comments lately.  I feel a bit self conscious as it seems to be bragging, or holding up that I have one of those unusual lives.  In fact, I'm still a bit aghast that this girl who grew up in the cornfields of Central Indiana is somehow in this odd place.  And on other levels, it doesn't feel all that odd to me anymore.  I kind of bounce around with these emotions while I comment.  I do know that somehow I feel like I can hold my head up a bit higher.  Like I actually have joined the cool kids group.  And, I'm not so sure that feeling is justified just because I managed to snag a job down here that pays enough to pay off my debt that I should have know better than to acquire in the first place.  It's all so confusing.


  1. The more blogs that you comment on, the more people who will find you. Your life IS exciting. Mine is boring, so more people should enjoy your blog than mine. Be safe and keep the blogs coming.

  2. What Dizzy said, You are off on an adventure while we, the masses are stuck in our tricky tack houses doing ole bland normal mundane things all nice and safe back in the US.
    You are learning not only a new language, but a whole new life style, new foods, new ways of doing things. We can only look at flat maps of the area where you are. We can't see it, hear it,smell it or taste it.
    Enjoy it and "try" and share it with us. ( pictures would help, hint hint :-) :-)