Tuesday, May 17, 2016

I have air conditioning

Yesterday the RV went into B & H Auto Repair to see if the dash air and most things in general in the dash could be made to work again.  They brought me home and a couple of hours later I got the call.  The air conditioning unit is an aftermarket add on, and it wasn’t hooked up and didn’t have freon.  The quote to see if it could be made to work was within my betting limit, so he went ahead with the process.  He got it to work, and also got the 12V socket to work as well as the dash light bulbs.  Pretty much everything on this 1983 RV now works!  I had said it talked to me from the ad, and obviously it wants to become useful again.

After morning coffee klatsch with Bill and Bob I’m going to use the RV to help Bill pick up some lumber.  His truck is not running right now.  The morning coffee klatsch is because with the new owners here in the park and the office manager, you know, the one who used to keep things running smoothly, gone there is no longer any coffee down at the community room.  It is known that I ALWAYS have coffee, so I’m the new center for morning gathering.  Heck, I even bought some pastry to have this morning.  But, back to plans…  Bill and I will go to Home Depot and get the lumber in the RV, then I’ll pull the RV up to my mobile and work on starting the clean up.  And, yes, I’ll finally take pictures of the inside.  I’ll also check to see if the spare tire is worth keeping.  It has a tire cover on it that has seen better days and is mounted to part of an angle iron mounting bracket.  I can’t figure out how it fits on the back, and can’t lift it anyway.

I got some harnesses for the cats, but they looked so uncomfortable that I’m going to just get the strap kind and try that.  I also got some kitty downer chews and gave one to Rasta, the cat that hates to be in a moving vehicle.  He didn’t get sick, so I’ll try drugging him the first few times he is in the moving RV to see how it goes.  I only have one crate and the cats don’t get along well enough to put them in the same crate during a stressful time, so I’ll hit up TSC to see what they have.  I don’t really think that Bosley needs to be crated, and Rasta may be better not crated as well.  It is a work in process.


  1. Good news with the AC! Who'd have thought! Not hooked up!

  2. Awesome! You went into the repair cycle with a great attitude and it seems to be working out. Having older vehicles brings challenges but also rewards....Can't wait to see the pics