Thursday, May 12, 2016

One step at a time

The mobile is listed on Craigslist now.  I keep packing smaller things away.  I feel like I’m stuck in molasses.  I know the only thing keeping me here in Mesa is procrastination.

The last things I need to get worked on in the RV are the dash air conditioning and the 12V cigarette lighter.  The heat keeps me from working on it during the day.  No excuse why I’m not out there cleaning on it after it cools down at night.  I even have lights inside now that they put a battery in. 

Off to call and get the recommendation for the place to work on the dash air.  I should have written it down the first time.


  1. Good luck with getting everything up and running, will be great once it is all done.

  2. Everything is coming along at a fast pace. Hope you sell your house soon and can start the next chapter of your life.