Monday, May 02, 2016

Shop Talk

The RV is at the Chevy dealership.  They recommend changing all the fluids except the transmission, which Jim had already verified looked clean.  Also all the belts.  The AIR system, which is missing…, is going to cost around $600 to find and install the missing parts.  All in all it will be around $1500.  About what I was expecting for that age engine in basically good running condition.

I haven’t booked an appointment at an RV place to check the LP, water, electric, refridgerator, heater, air conditioning, etc.  That is where I will have sticker shock I think.

Mom signed her mobile home over to the park this afternoon.  The last person who made an appointment to look at it never showed up or called.  She is mostly relieved, and as I had already gone through and verified there was nothing left at all (I even took the roll of paper towels she was going to leave), she waved and headed off to Payson.  I deleted the ad on craigslist.  I am really sorry that she lost the money on the whole thing, but she is on her way.

I’m working on getting my place to where I can take pictures to post it on craigslist.  The kitchen is almost there.  Living room will require moving stuff around.  It gets harder from there.  We made a stop at the thrift store and dropped off a small load this morning, and I already have a couple of bags to go now.  I’ll probably make daily drop-offs as it is on the way to the storage unit.

I’m missing the RV being across the way.  I am ready to start moving in, but I’m at least a week, maybe more from being able to do so as the shops have to do their thing, then I have to clean it out.  I enjoyed driving it across town to the dealership this morning.  I want more.


  1. I'm hoping that most of the stuff is working in the RV. It's fun to hear the excitement in your writing.

  2. We are excited with you!

  3. Oh yeah ! Way to go, you sure do have that hitch itch.

  4. pics..!!!

    We need pics!!!


  5. I'm anxious to see photos and hope you love your new lifestyle in the RV.

  6. The picture above is classic. What a beautiful home. Good luck with your new rv venture. Sounds like fun!

  7. I can hear the excitement in your writings and sure wish you the best!! Full timing will be here before you know it.