Wednesday, January 01, 2020

New Year New Decade

Time for all the resolutions.  I almost let my first one slip by me.  I would like, at some point, to actually do a post every day for a month.  We will see if January is it.

I taking one from someone else as well.  My resolution for this decade is to clear out my storage unit by 2030.  Seems doable, maybe.  Not sure if buying a cargo trailer and using it to store my stuff counts.  It would probably be cheaper.

I have cooked the past 2 days.  Mostly healthy stuff.  That is an ongoing goal.  So far, so good.

I started putting together my expense tracking spreadsheet today.  I didn't spend anything today so it is working so far.  I put one together many years ago and spent at least part of most years keeping track of what I spent and what I bought.  Since I retired I have let it slip.  I will try to keep up with it again.  Who knows.

Planet Fitness has a special with no contract going on.  I may join again.  I joined originally because I thought I would travel a lot in retirement and use them for showers and sometimes actually workout, maybe.  Turns out that where I travel there are never Planet Fitness centers, so I quit last year.  However, I feel a need to exercise and there is one a little over a mile from my winter location.  With no contract I can quit during the summer and join the very nice rec center up in my summer town.  It's a plan.

Speaking of plans, I have a modest plan for Bloggerfest.  I will be at the shelter house on a date around the usual time, which I haven't decided on yet.  I will be there drinking coffee and if anyone wants to join me to stop in and visit, cool.  Enough of the folks who were showing up at Bloggerfest aren't making it down to the Southwest this year that I don't have the heart to make it an 'event' this year.  I will be there, though, as I said.  I'll pick a date tomorrow and post it.  That should give me 2 posts for the month.


  1. Have you ever considered buying a small plot of inexpensive land like in Terlingua and putting a shed or a container on your property where you can store the things you want to keep? Just a thought...

    1. After reading Bigfoot's comment I take back the container really would, actually FRY your stuff.

      I have a Tuff Shed in the backyard of my Houston house that I bought back in 1990 or 1991 and it has kept the stuff that has not been stolen by my neighbors in a relative good state.

  2. 20' shipping containers run about $2,000 here, including delivery. But they are excellent radiant cooker for all your stuff stored inside (especially in AZ).
    10 yrs of gradually escalating storage space rent is alotta money.

  3. Since my wife passed away, I have no travel plans except that I want to head to the northeast (Pennsylvania) to visit with my relatives. They usually have a family reunion every year, so maybe I can find out when it will be and go at that time. That would save a lot of traveling around to everyone's home, they would all be gathered together at the reunion.

  4. Happy New Year to you! Sounds like a few good resolutions. We probably won't make it this year as Ken has scheduled dr appointments..dang this getting old stuff. We will be in the area in Feb if all goes as planned.