Four Peaks in snow

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cleanup 3 days left

An awesome amount of stuff got done yesterday Nancye, Bill, Bluebelle, Tree, Neo and his sons JackRabit and TaterTot worked their behinds off. Nancye's pizzas and carrot cake were a major hit.. At this point everything in the house is something that I can lift, other than the waterbed. The waterbed is draining. I am making piles of things ready to be loaded into the rental truck, a smaller pile of stuff to go into the storage unit, and a pile of stuff to go down to the shed here. If everything works out (and it has done so amazingly well) when Phil and Tim come to look at the house this afternoon I can get them to help take the waterbed frame down to the shed with me. It is still a mess here, but much less so in many ways. As I put stuff into the truck, it will finally start to clear out and not just move around to different piles.

I am awestruck at the willingness of my friends to help me. I have no words.

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