Tuesday, January 20, 2009

More Progress

I made the decision to just rent a moving truck to take to Tacoma and tow my Jeep behind it. I just don't have time to learn all I need to learn to be safe driving an RV. Too much left to hoping nothing happens. That decision made.

Nancye, Bluebelle, and Cathy showed up right on time yesterday morning, and got to work loading the dressers and a couple of other items I set out. I was sorting and moving tings as we went. Housemate had cleared out one room for me of his stuff, so I started putting the things I know are going with me into that room. The rest of the house is starting to empty out. Well, 'empty' might be overstating it still, but there are gaps. There was ice when we first got to the unit, to the point that it was dangerous, but the management put down salt for us and it worked quickly. Mom fed us after we unloaded at the unit.

Today I start work here, starting training in the areas of this job that I didn't do before. I'll start asking more questions about life on the other end of this journey. I'm starting to look forward to it. I went to Google street view (which I have mixed feelings about...), and it is different out there. Flat in the areas I looked where there are RV parks. More like Florida from the pictures. Florida with snow?

LOTS of work still to do. I need to find motivation every evening when I get home from work to keep with the sorting and packing and such. I truly appreciated the women showing up yesterday. That was the push, emotionally as well as physical progress, that I very much needed.

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